How can you trust Minted?

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room,
shall we?
Why Trust Us? Why Trust Us?
Some questions answered
We built Minted on the foundation of transparency, so we’re going to tackle the most common trust related questions head on:
Are you registered with FCA?
Yes, we are! We’re proud to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. As an FCA registered company, Minted operates to the highest financial standards and guidelines as determined by the FCA..
Is my gold fully insured?
With Minted, your gold is always fully insured. From when it’s transported from the Refinery to the Vault, whilst it’s being stored for you and when it’s on its way home to you, you can rest assured knowing that your gold is fully covered.
What do customers really
think of Minted?
We think Minted is awesome, but don’t just take our word for it. We’re rated as Excellent on Trust Pilot by REAL customers just like you, who love Minted. These are independent reviews by customers who have chosen to share their experiences of Minted. You can’t get more impartial than that.
How can I be sure of my
Gold purity?

At Minted, we offer the finest 999.9 purity gold. Your gold will come sealed from the refinery in a tamper proof package with the unique serial number for your gold bars.

All the gold you buy from us comes from a refinery that is LBMA approved and adheres to the strict LBMA Good Delivery requirements to not only ensure your gold purity is guaranteed, but also that it’s sourced from ethical, conflict free sources.

What happens to my gold if
Minted goes into administration?

We’re planning on being around for a very long time. However, should the worst ever happen, and the company goes into administration, your gold is safe. When you buy gold with Minted, you own the gold outright and we are just custodians buying on your behalf.

Your gold is off the company balance sheets and is safe from the risk of being seized as part of the administration process where the appointed firm will then be involved in ensuring that your gold is rightfully returned to you.

Opportunity in your pocket, coming soon!
The control over your gold is in your hands. With Minted™, can access, buy, share, sell and save gold in just a few clicks.