Vaulted Silver

Minted’s Vaulted Silver product, otherwise known as allocated silver, allows you to buy into pooled investment grade 999 purity silver that is always backed 100% by the physical metal.

When you buy Vaulted Silver, the metal is always held in highly secure vaults and by not having the physical metal delivered, you benefit from accessing VAT free silver, allowing you to realise better returns for your money than other physical silver options. What’s more, Minted offers free secure storage and insurance, that’s one less cost you need to worry about.

Here are some benefits of buying vaulted Silver from Minted:
  • Here are our margins above the daily
  • Low buying premium
  • Free storage and insurance
  • Fully insured by Lloyds of London
  • Practical and convenient way to buy into silver
For our Vaulted Silver we have simple pricing so you can benefit from exceptional rates each time:
Buy price: Sell price Storage fee
5% 1% Free

With your Vaulted Silver balance, you have the right to sell it at any time for a cash value determined by the market spot price minus 1%.

Want to get your silver delivered?

You can convert Vaulted Silver into 1kg physical bars that can be delivered to you on request.

Buying Vaulted Silver also gives you the right to take delivery of physical metal at a future date determined by you. You may use your Vaulted Silver balance value towards redeeming physical 1kg investment grade silver bars at any time.

Want to redeem physical silver bars? Our customer care team are happy to help you with this process via live chat or email. To get silver 1kg bars delivered, You’ll need to cover the shipping cost, plus a 9% premium on each kilo bar and VAT on the total bar cost.

In the current economic climate, now could be a great time to add Vaulted Silver to the assets you decide to buy. Diversifying your portfolio has never been easier with Minted. Set up your Vaulted Silver monthly plan or simply buy, today!