The golden string to your bow

Seamless integration of Precious Metals trading for Retail investment platforms and Financial Institutions.
Why Trust Us? Why Trust Us?
Minted is a digital platform that makes the buying, selling, saving and delivery of precious metals -> simple, secure and affordable with flexible savings plans and the option to make a one-time purchase at anytime.
To sweeten the deal, there are no fees to use the platform, no fixed obligation or commitment on our savings plans because we believe that saving should adapt to your changing circumstances and pave the way towards financial freedom.
Gold certificate

Your customers are Precious…

Precious metals have always been the bedrock of wealth preservation.

They are widely regarded as the ultimate tool for portfolio diversification.

But aren’t they just so much hassle to manage?

What if we told you there was a better way?


Minted connect.

Minted are pleased to have launched a service that seamlessly integrates into your platform and allows customers to buy and sell precious metals at the click of a button as well as set up automatic savings plans that have no fixed commitment and are fully flexible, enabling your customers to change their savings amount or pause/cancel effortlessly.

We take care of:

  • Custody of the metals at our Independently managed, fully secure, bank grade vaults.
  • Full Insurance of the customer assets at the market value.
  • Regularly published independent physical audits of the customer assets.
  • Delivery to your customers’ doorstep using a premium insured courier.

We make buying and saving in gold easy
Together we grow stronger
Grow a new income stream for your business

Apply your spread to our exclusive rates, so you can earn every time your customers buy precious metals.

And that’s not all..

Develop an accumulating, recurring income stream with our Flexible savings plans for your loyal customers.
We care because you care.
Diversity and inclusion is at the forefront for every modern and forward-thinking organisation. Financial platforms and challenger banks are consistently striving to offer an array of products that suit the preferences of each and every one of their loyal customers.

How can Minted help?

Our 100% asset-backed savings products are designed to encompass the values of people from all faiths and backgrounds, with precious metals being universally accepted and recognised worldwide they make for a great addition to your suite of savings and investment products.

Our products also comply with faith-based principles such as shariah-compliance as well as being ethically sourced from our meticulously vetted refinery partners further enhancing their accolade as diversity friendly must haves for your organisation.
Minted api features
Minted api features
  • Fully Compatible RestAPI
  • Rails Only, Native or White-label integration methods
  • Full or partial customer onboarding including AML, KYC, and Biometric ID scanning. (May incur additional costs)
API Requests for:
  • Balance Retrieval
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Delivery
  • Create/Update/Pause/Cancel Savings plan
  • Additional Sub Accounts
Let’s work this out…
If you would like to discuss an integration in greater detail then
we would be delighted to hear from you using to hear from you :


One of our partnership experts will be in touch as soon as possible to follow this up with you and discuss further.