Honesty and transparency
at heart

At Minted, honesty and transparency are some of our core values. We haven’t hidden our fees in small print somewhere on page 15 of our terms and conditions. Instead we’ve made this page dedicated to giving you full clarity on what you pay as a Minted customer. It’s what any of us would want as a customer and it’s the right thing to do.

One off gold purchases

Minted only sells 24kt .999 purity gold from an LBMA approved refinery. Quite simply, it’s the purest and highest standard gold you can get your hands on. Not only do we offer the highest grade gold, but we do it at exceptional prices.

With Minted you can buy one off 24kt gold from as little as 1g or in whole 10g bars

Here are our margins above the daily spot rate for 10g 24kt LBMA Brand New Bars:
1+ bars



We’ve done our homework and with Minted you can save between £30-40 per 10g bar compared to other leading online gold retailers. Not bad for a head start eh?

Here are our margins above the daily spot rate for buying from 1g of 24kt LBMA or more:
1+ g



Monthly Gold Plan

Our monthly gold plan is designed to make gold accessible and affordable to everyone, not just the well off. We do that by allowing customers to spend as little as just £30 a month to buy 24kt pure gold through our monthly plan.

Monthly Gold Plan fees:

With physical gold that you can own and have in your hand, generally the way the market works is that the larger the amount you buy, the better the price. At Minted we encourage customers to set their monthly plan amount to one that they can comfortably afford.

Did you know that the leading online gold dealers can charge commissions of 30%+ when you buy just one gram of gold from them? Minted doesn’t. Here are our rates:

Monthly plan amount Minted rate Other leading gold retailer rates
10-79£ 7.5% Upto 39%
80-399£ 6.5% Upto 20%
400+ £ 6% Upto 18%

*Information for the above table is correct as of 01/12/2022.

Selling gold

If you’re looking to sell your gold, you can do it quickly and easily on the Minted platform and you’ll get a fantastic rate.

Minted offers the market spot price minus a fixed low commission of 1.5% regardless of the amount you’re selling.

So for example if the market spot value of your gold is £300, you can instantly sell with no hassle and you’ll get a paid £295.50. Our commission on sales is lower than most leading bullion dealers.

Storage fees

We offer our monthly plan customers FREE storage for 12 months (subject to a fair use limit of 200g of gold). If the gold exceeds the 200g limit for free storage, then a monthly storage charge will be applied. This monthly amount is just 0.05% of the value of the gold and can change in line with gold price fluctuations.

E.g. if you hold 210g of gold and the spot value of your gold at that time was say £9,492, then the fee for storage and insurance for that month would be only £4.75 (0.05% of the £9,492 value).

The leading bullion dealers charge £10+ per month for storage and insurance.

Keep in mind as storage fees are based on the value of your gold, the fees can go up or down depending on the amount you hold with us and the movements of the gold price.

Delivery fees

Want your gold delivered? No problem! We use Royal Mail’s special delivery for insured delivery of your gold. Each parcel costs £8.99 to send and you can send upto 4 x 10g bars per parcel.

That’s things covered on our fees. If you want more information on any of our fees or anything related to buying, selling or getting your gold stored or delivered, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Vaulted Silver

Buy rate Sell rate Storage Silver Premium on Delivery
3% above spot rate 1% below spot price Free +%9

We’ve kept the fees for our Vaulted Silver product low and super simple so that you know you’re getting a great deal every time you buy.

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As a customer of our Monthly Gold Plan, by referring other customers to Minted, you can both earn Gold Points which can later be redeemed for free gold. At Minted, instead of paying for ads, we prefer to put money, or gold rather, into the pockets of our customers (we see you as family really). So with Minted, you can build up your gold faster.
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