About Us

Here at Minted, we believe in making things simple and adding value. We believe that everyone should have a chance to own precious metals and we don’t believe in the 30% mark-ups charged by many online retailers. We built Minted because everyone should have a fair opportunity to access affordable and simples way to be able to buy and sell gold and silver, no matter their budget.



Who says you’re not qualified? 

You deserve better. Hold the reins of your life. Be certain and fearless of the future. A world where you can worry less and enjoy more, is possible. Life shouldn’t be a hassle. You can be confident, plan your future, and manage your options. Don’t feel left out.

We are Minted and we are here for you. We’re a digital platform that makes the buying of physical precious metals simpler and more affordable. Discover convenient new ways to buy gold and silver with Minted.

Upgrade your expectations. Upgrade your future. Upgrade to a new era. It’s possible. 

Our mission is to make buying precious metals affordable and simple for everyone. Through our market-leading app and technology platform, you can buy and sell gold or have it delivered in a matter of clicks - safe in the knowledge that your gold is stored at bank grade vaulting facilities and fully insured. You get better rates with Minted than most leading online gold retailers. That means more gold for your Money and less hassle.

Minted give you flexibility – make purchases when you need or buy regularly each month. Minted gives you the best of both worlds – managed digitally, backed physically. 

When you’re with Minted, life is upgraded.

Life Upgraded.