Feb 26, 2021

Best Investment Apps in the UK

Araminta Robertson
Araminta Robertson
Best Investment Apps in the UK
We chat, order food and buy tickets with our phones… so why not invest with our phones too? 

Thanks to investment apps, you can now build your portfolio online and buy investments from your sofa, gym and on a hike! It also means that investing isn’t as scary or as complex as it used to be: many apps let you invest for as little as £1 and guide you through the entire process.

We put together some of the best investment apps in the UK to help you get started and manage your investments, ranging from stock market investing, pensions management, and of course, gold bullion. 


Plum is a great investment app for beginner investors. With this app, investors can start investing in the stock market for as little as £1! As a Plum user, you can invest in all types of companies and funds including emerging markets, tech companies and socially responsible companies.

You’ll have the option to choose from a variety of funds with different risk levels and pick the one that suits you best. Their fees start at a minimum of £1 per month, then a 0.15% fee on top of the investment value. It’s a great savings app for those who want a taste of the stock market but don’t want to commit too much. 


Moneybox offers an innovative way to invest in the stock market: with your spare change! The app syncs with your debit card and bank account, and will simply round up all the payments you make to the nearest pound. If you spend £2.40 on a coffee, for example, then Moneybox will round up that payment to £3, and invest the £0.6 into a stock market fund of your choice (called “micro-investing”).

You’ll get to pick from a various range of funds at the level of risk you are comfortable with. Moneybox mainly invests in ETFs, which means you’ll have many options for diversification. You can even open a stocks and shares ISA with them so your savings grow tax-free. Their fees start at £1 per month, and then an additional 0.45% on top of your investments. The Moneybox app has a clean interface and is easy to use; you won’t have any weird menus or confusing charts, which makes it a good way to get started with investing without learning the intricacies of the stock market.


Nutmeg is another app that allows users to invest in the stock market in a more hands-off way. You will need at least £500 to get started and can pick between various investment styles that fit you best. They don’t have any setup fees, and you can also open your own ISA. They offer a wide range of socially responsible investments and allow you to customize your own investment profile and pick funds that fit your interests, values and overall goals.

Nutmeg charges an account management fee starting at 0.25% and a few investment fund fees that vary depending on your profile.


Moneyfarm is a great investment app for those who want something a little more personalised. As an investor, your portfolio is managed through a roboadvisor: an algorithm that handles your investments, automatically rebalances them and keeps costs low.

Your investor profile is personalised for you and Moneyfarm allows you to invest in a pension, ISA and a general investment account. Their fees include a management fee of 0.35%, a fund fee of 0.2% and some transaction fees. The app is highly intuitive and allows you to purchase investments at a level that is appropriate with what you know about investing. It’s a great app for casual investors who don’t want to get involved in complex trading but want something more suited to their profile.


Of course we would mention our own app! 

Minted is an investment app for those who want to buy gold from their phone at an affordable price. It’s perfect for those who want to put their money in a safe haven asset that maintains its value over time, increases with inflation and will still be valuable for decades to come.

With Minted, you can start buying gold with just £30 per month! We offer a monthly purchase plan for those who want to contribute every month as well as one-off purchases. With Minted, you own the gold you buy: we only purchase gold bars of 10 grams from our refinery, which means that once you have 10 grams worth of gold in your Minted account you can get your gold delivered and only pay shipping costs!

Our app will soon be launching and will include cool features such as sending gold to your friends, buying items with gold and purchasing Minted merchandise. Our fees are some of the lowest in the market, here is an overview in this handy table:

Best Investment Apps in the UK

Want to learn more about Minted? Why not check out some of these articles:



Freetrade is an app and dashboard that is suitable for more hands-on and DIY investors in the UK. If you are interested in trading stocks and learn more about the companies you invest in, Freetrade is a good place to start. You can set up a basic investment account for free and you’ll be able to start trading without paying any commissions. You can also choose to open a Stocks and Shares ISA for £3 per month.

The Freetrade app is also intuitive and easy to use. It offers the best way to invest money in the stock market for those who want to learn and get started with trading. They don’t charge any commission on instant trades (only a currency exchange rate of 0.45% on foreign stocks)!


Do you hold various pensions from different employers? It’s easy to lose track or even forget about your various pension pots – and when you do find them, you realise you’re paying high fees and the investments are not performing well at all.

PensionBee offers a great pensions consolidation service. PensionBee will find all your pensions from the different employers you’ve worked at and consolidate them into one account. Once they’re consolidated, you can then choose to switch your pensions and invest them into different funds that are cheaper and higher performing. Their app doesn’t charge anything for consolidating your pensions, and their investment fees range from 0.50% to 0.95% depending on the plan you use. They don’t offer any recommendations or financial advice.

What are some investment apps that you currently use? Using intuitive and simple apps are a great way to get into the habit of investing for your future and learning about money management. At Minted, we believe every individual should hold some of their portfolio in gold as a safe haven. With the Minted app, we’re making it easy, affordable and accessible to invest in gold!

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