Nov 3, 2020

15 Resources to Learn More About Gold

Araminta Robertson
15 Resources to Learn More About Gold

If you’re as into gold as we are, chances are you want to learn as much as you can about the precious metal!

We put together some top resources that you can use to learn more about the history of gold, the advantages of buying gold and how others invest in the precious metal. We’ve included everything from Youtube videos, to podcasts and great books to read!


1. Minted blog


We regularly update the Minted blog with some top resources on how gold works, how to get started with investing and how to incorporate gold into your budget. We have a lot of information on getting started with gold and using Minted as a platform to purchase the precious metals. Here are a few of our top resources we recommend reading:


2. The Power of Gold | Peter L. Bernstein (book)


For those who want a deep dive into the history of gold, its evolution and modern utilities, The Power of Gold is a great read. Bernstein walks us through the role of gold from the time of the Egyptians all the way to when the UK and the US got off the gold standard. He also describes the role of gold in human’s history, and the reason why it’s a precious metal that will always have an important role to play in humanity.


3. Investing in Gold: To Buy or Not to Buy | The Ray Journey (blog)


In this personal blog by The Ray Journey, Ray explains his thought process behind buying gold or not. He reasons that gold is a lot easier to manage and liquidate than other assets such as a house or land, and that we can be assured that there will always be a market for gold. Since the stock market crash of 2008, gold prices have not decreased – in fact, they have been steadily increasing and holding their value.


4. 6 Reasons Why Smart Investors Own Gold | Modest Money (blog)


In this personal blog article by Modest Money, Jon reveals 6 reasons why investors should hold gold in their portfolio. He explains that holding gold is necessary in today’s market because the US dollar is no longer backed by gold. Taking the US dollar off the gold standard means there is only more pressure on the value of the currency and explains the huge US budget deficit. As the value of the US dollar drops, it costs more money to buy essential items. Investing in gold means that you can keep that value over time.


5. 4 Reasons to Invest in Gold Today | World Bizz Week (blog)


In this short article by the World Bizz Week, the author describes why investing in gold is such an essential part of an investor’s portfolio. They talk about some interesting features of gold: did you know a single ounce of gold can be shaped into an 8 kilometres long gold thread?! 

They explain that gold prices can be volatile short term, and may not offer massive returns. However, in the long run, it is a great way to diversify your portfolio and improve its overall performance.


6. Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver | Michael Maloney (eBook)


For those who prefer longer form content, Michael Maloney’s eBook on investing in gold and silver is a great read. Maloney is a leading expert on monetary and financial economy and owner of a well-known American bullion dealer. His book uses plain English and covers everything you need to know about investing in these two precious metals.


7. The Hidden Secrets of Money | Michael Maloney (video)


In this docu-series, Michael Maloney aims to explain how modern economics works and the importance of investing and taking advantage of opportunities. It’s an easy to understand series perfect for those who want to dive deeper into the economics of gold, investing and free markets.


8. Why You Should Invest in Gold | The Elite Asset (blog)


In this personal blog post, The Elite Asset explains that the demand for gold is continuously increasing. So far, it has increased by 4% in the US due to the trade war with China, and a further 12% in the UK due to Brexit. The fact that central banks are increasing their reserves of gold acts is also proof that investors should look to gold to diversify their portfolio.


9. The Daily Gold podcast (podcast)


If you’re someone who prefers listening rather than reading (or both!), The Daily Gold podcast is a great podcast to stay up to date with gold news. Jordan Roy-Byrne, the host of the show, interviews gold industry leaders and offers some fascinating insights, relevant updates and great tips on investing in gold.


10. Are Precious Metals A Good Alternative Investment? | Women Who Money (blog)


Women Who Money is a publication that focuses on money management for women. In this blog post on precious metals, Vicki and Amy explain that precious metals are a great way to hedge against inflation and the general fluctuation of the economy. They describe how and why precious metals usually increase in value when times are uncertain, but generally stabilize over time. As they say:

“When some of the world’s best economies are tied to the gold standard, it’s a clear indication of what the financial masters of the world think of gold.”


11. How to invest in gold explained for beginners | Finder Money (video)


In this Youtube video, Kylie Purcell talks about the various ways to invest in gold. If you’re a gold investing beginner and want a clear cut video on how to get started with gold, her video is a great place to start!


12. Best Long-Term Investments | Saving Freak (blog)


In this personal blog article, Paul Moyer explains what a long-term investment is and why these kinds of investments should be part of your portfolio. He covers a few different asset classes including gold; one of the best assets to hold long term. Since we are currently living in a more unstable economy, he explains that investing now into an asset like gold can offer larger returns over time.


13. Gold newsletter (newsletter)


Love reading newsletters? Then this gold newsletter is a must to sign up to. The Gold Newsletter comes from one of the oldest and well-known mining stock advisory in the world. They have been offering advice to investors for over five decades, and continue to do so through their relevant and insightful weekly newsletter.


14. Twitter profiles


Are you very active on Twitter? Following the right people on social media can teach you a lot about gold and personal finance. Here are some great Twitter profiles we recommend following in order to learn more about gold:

You can also find Minted on Twitter!:


15. The Case for Gold | World Gold Council (report)


In 2016, gold was added as an Shariah compliant asset class. This opened the door to many investors who wanted to grow their investments while remaining ethical. It also helped increase the demand of gold and opened the doors to many everyday investors worldwide. In this report by the World Gold Council, the author explains why gold is Shariah compliant and why every ethical investor should add it to their portfolio.


When it comes to gold, there are never ending resources to learn more about the precious metal. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend digging into those resources, watching some videos, listening to some podcasts and even reading a book or two – you may find it fascinating! And whenever you’re ready, come join the Minted community to start investing in gold!


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